IMPORTANT: Please note that the Monthly Stars awards do not constitute investment advice. The winners are selected based on product innovation and infrastructure development.

Once again, we’re at the end of another season of the Most Valuable Builder. In #MVB IV we we’re looking for advanced DeFi lego & Infrastructure projects to empower the next generation of DeFi 2.0, NFT & GameFi projects, as well as protocols that redefine the concept of finance altogether.

As in the previous seasons, we reviewed many amazing projects that applied and competed to become the best in MVB IV.

#MVBIV so far...

  • Received ~500  applications up to date, including advanced DeFi applications, NFT & GameFi, tooling, and more.
  • Announced 40+ shortlisted projects for MVB Incubation Program
  • MVB4 already concluded the most events(e.g. fireside chat,meetup) + curriculum(8+ sessions) including: “Unfolding Web3 Economy” with Josh Neuroth, node and infra topic with the Head of Product at Ankr,BNB marketing and community strategy with BNB Chain Marketing lead-Patrick, Data Masterclass with Alvin , Opsec 3.0: Bug Bounties for the Win! with Duncan, CTO at Immunefi,and more

#MVB IV Monthly Stars for February and March (in alphabetic order)

Cosmic Guild

Cosmic Guild is a passionate group of gamers, empowering members to maximize their potential by connecting NFT capital with skilled crypto gamers. They believe that the cosmic potential of play-to-earn and NFTs will redefine the gaming landscape and empower gamers around the world to better their lives.

Star Sharks

StarSharks (SSS) is a community-driven game platform where players, developers, and investors could define the value evolution of underlying NFTs in a sustainable ecosystem.

GAT Network

Gat Network is a web of connected NFT trading & gaming projects,and  also the complete multichain toolbox for NFTs. Centered around multi-use token and multichain marketplace.

#MVBIV: Changes to the MVB Program and Update on MVB IV Top Players

We're reviewing all our programs on an ongoing basis and carefully listen to BNB Chain’s community feedback. We want to share with you the latest updates on our most popular program that supported dozens of projects over the past 1.5 years.

In the past, we revamped MVB a few times to find the most suitable and sustainable way to support hundreds of developers building on the BNB Chain. This proved to work, but only in a limited way, and we realized that the existing format of MVB doesn't allow BNB Chain Fund to provide the fully-tailored support that projects need.

For this reason, we will introduce a few major changes in the upcoming fifth series of the Most Valuable Builder. We won't spill the beans yet, but participating projects can look forward to receiving a more personalized approach with access to comprehensive support and funding.

MVB V will come with a new set of benefits, a different way of selecting the best projects, and even more masterclasses from the MVB Incubation Program. We will announce MVB V in mid-May, with public registrations opening before the end of the month.

Updates on #MVBIV Top Players

With MVB IV almost behind us, we got close to announcing this season's best projects. However, this season we will not select the Top Players and instead automatically progress all shortlisted projects into MVB V, so they can compete under the new format and get access to more attractive benefits.  

After consulting BNB Chain Fund and Binance Labs, we unanimously agreed that the current format doesn't allow us to select the best projects. As we’re all positively surprised by the performance of many MVB IV participants, it would be difficult and unfair to pick just a few best projects. Still, BNB Chain Fund and Binance Labs decided to approach individual projects and offer direct funding and additional support. We will announce these projects once the negotiations and the terms are finalized.

We're aware that this decision might disappoint the participants and their communities. We're dedicated to providing only the best support that helps projects thrive and grow, and we're confident that this was the right decision.

For more info about MVB, how it works, its benefits, and more, please refer to BNB Chain Blog

If you still have questions about MVB, please contact us at BNB Chain.