BNB Chain will benefit from an exceptional combination of knowledge and expertise from both outside and within the crypto industry, which will help our global community to strengthen its position in the blockchain industry – towards our mission to impact 1 Billion people.

Patrick has extensive expertise in blockchain marketing from leading Web3 companies, coupled with his experience with enterprise and international organizations. Before BNB Chain, Patrick led marketing efforts at Boson Protocol, Everledger, Consensys, and other advisory roles in crypto. He has also worked at the World Economic Forum, where he founded its Global Marketing team, Philips Electronics, and his own marketing agency.

Patrick is passionate about Web3 and adept at designing integrated marketing communication strategies under the new paradigm of decentralized and community-oriented projects. At BNB Chain, he will lead the Marketing and Community team with the goal of onboarding the first 1 billion users to crypto and making BNB Chain the foremost destination for Web3 developer communities.

"I'm thrilled to join the BNB Chain ecosystem and dedicate my time and energy to this vibrant community – effectively the most popular blockchain across several indicators. Whether we’re talking about the number of active users or the volume of transactions throughout the 1,300+ dApps offered in our ecosystem, the amazing BNB Chain community has come a long way in such a very short time. However, this is just the beginning! I’m very excited to start working with everyone and help drive more and more innovation, to take the ecosystem to the next level.” – Patrick Degenhardt, Vice President at BNB Chain

The executive will apply his extensive experience to BNB Chain’s marketing initiatives, supporting increased brand awareness, community engagement, and educational projects. Patrick's goal is to make blockchain more accessible for developers and the wider public and help establish BNB Chain as the world's leading blockchain infrastructure.

Patrick holds a Master of Science (MSc) from King's College London and degrees in Management and Design. He's been honored as the winner of the Integrated Marketing Campaign of the Year at the Euro EFFIES Awards, as well as a dozen of other awards.

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