To Builders/Developers
The MVB program exists to accelerate the top dApps and builders in the BNB Chain ecosystem. Over the past 3 seasons of MVB, we welcomed over 900 projects, dozens of MVB-related hackathons and events. In our continuous efforts to elevate the program, we’re excited to kick-off MVB IV: MetaFi - Smarter DeFi for the Web3 Universe.
In this edition, all winning projects (both Monthly Stars and final Top Players) will receive investment offer from the BNB Chain FUND! (subject to further and confirmatory diligence)
How To Apply for MVB?
In MVB IV, there are two ways to apply. They are simple, straightforward, and only take a few minutes!
1. Online Registration
We formed an official strategic alliance with DoraHacks to actively scout promising projects and builders.
Step1: (Required) Please fill out the Application Form.
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Step2: (Optional) Want to share more about your project with us? Send it to our email with the subject [MVB IV Application].
2. BNB Chain X DoraHacks MVB Collaboration
We formed an official strategic alliance with DoraHacks to actively scout promising projects and builders.
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To Potential Partners
We team up with top-tier partners to provide help and support for the projects in the MVB incubation program in order to guarantee mutual success of both the BNB Chain ecosystem and our partners.
If you are a VC fund, blockchain R&D institute, WEB3 KOL, or just a crypto enthusiast who can add value, do not hesitate to get in touch! You would have the opportunity to join the MVB Committee, speak at our events, and vote on the best-performing projects should we find you a good fit. We look forward to discussing all forms of potential collaboration and partnerships!
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How It Works
Our Focus
Each MVB season focuses on a specific area of innovation, and MVB IV is no different. Consistent with our vision of MetaFi, in MVB IV, we're primarily looking for projects from the following categories:
  • Web3 Infra
  • Advanced DeFi Lego
  • Metaverse, GameFi & SocialFi
MVB Committee
The MVB committee will work together with renowned & experienced individuals from companies and top-tier investment firms who are committed to sharing their insights with you, as well as working with you to accelerate your project.
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1. Is MVB a continual program? When is MVB IV over? Will there be MVB V?
Yes, MVB is a continual program. The period of MVB IV will be from January to April.
We will kick off the next round in the near future.
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2. How are projects evaluated and selected?
Each month, the BNB Chain Fund team will carefully evaluate participating projects based on project design, innovation, team, security, community strength, etc. The best ones will be announced as MVB Monthly Stars.
At the end of MVB IV, we will end up with the best of the best - MVB IV Top Players (up to 3 projects), selected by the MVB Committee, where we will apply a decentralized voting mechanism to ensure maximum transparency and fairness in the selection process.
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3. What role does the “MVB Committee” play in MVB?
Mentoring: Guiding and helping MVB Monthly Stars to grow and improve their different dimensions of skills (e.g. product, tech, security, etc).
Evaluating: For each of the final MVB Top Players, committee members can participate in the evaluation and selection, with full transparency and a fair selection process.
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4. What kind of Marketing & PR opportunities does MVB present?
We have designed a multitude of marketing campaigns for MVB Monthly Stars to participate in, including MVB Expo, Twitter giveaway campaigns, LIVE AMAs, airdrops and BNB Chain Spotlight series. These campaigns have helped previous Monthly Stars to gain traction tremendously.
We also work with individual teams to customize and innovate campaigns and events based on their needs & preferences, to help them gain exposure, drive community engagement, and achieve growth by leveraging our experienced Marketing & PR team as well as the BNB Chain brand name.
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5. What other programs can I take part in as a developer?
The BUIDL Reward program is also ongoing. The reward is announced on a monthly basis. For more, check out the BNB Chain website and see what’s out there!
More Info
If you’re a developer/builder, check this toolbox out ! You can check the latest information about MVB IV, like events, master classes, hackathons, etc.
Want to interact with other developers or ask questions to the BNB Chain team? Don’t hesitate to join our Discord.